Bio Organic Destruction EP

by Artificial Pathogen

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released March 22, 2015



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Artificial Pathogen Glasgow, UK

Artificial Pathogen is a 3 piece Deathcore/Slam band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and Canada!
(Formed January 2015)
Line up consists of
Alex - Vocals
Alexander - Instrumental programming, mixing and mastering
Aaron - Guitar

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Track Name: Bio Organic Destruction
This is the end of humanity as we know it,
since this bio organic weapon of destruction was released upon the world as we know it
A pathogen of pure destruction will overwhelm us all in the end.


On everything you ever held dear, the tears of the dammed will stain the streets of the dead, there will be no survivors of this eternal nightmare we brought upon ourselves through pure arrogance and stupidity.

Praying for mercy will not save you now, life will be cut short by the hands of this pathogen, man made, self destruction..
Track Name: Parasite Infection X
Humanity's greatest mistake was trying to play god, with every pathogen there is a cure but for stupidty there is only death.

Parasetic Infection, spreading throughout the streets, to deadly to name, so it was called x for extermination of the nation, oh

Through humanitys own savagry we will tear ourselves apart without remorse. Struggling to find a cure for this man made disease watch the death rates rise, from this Parasetic infection.

Bodies line the streets, cold and lifeless infected with this putrid disease that we created while trying to play the role of god."
Track Name: Cancerous Plague Ft Ryan Howard
This disease has spreaded so far, humanity has no cure for the immersrable death it will cause, this artificial pathogen has no cure, it has no end. This plague will end us all.

They made it so willingly not knowing the destruction it would bring, the plague will sweep across the nation exterminating everything in its past, these winds will change the fate of humanity.


This pathogen relentless in force will kill us all where we stand, breathing in the toxins, seeping into the skin of society, we are the harbingers of destruction
Track Name: Shadows Of The Dammed

Here lay the bodies of the dead,fed too the jaws look at their hollow eyes tell me what you see? They brought destruction of man,and paid the price with their lives.

We will not survive this.

Shadows roam these empty streets wondering why they were forced to indure such suffering from their own hands, they will be never find redemption here.